When you are paid, we get paid…

Insight's pricing is straightforward and clear

The use of web hosted Agility is included as part of our RCM service. Many other services appear to be priced well at the outset, only to uncover many hidden costs later on. Since we wish for all our relationships to be long-term and beneficial for all involved, our pricing model is extremely comprehensible. The following is what needs to be understood: We are paid on a percentage of actual collections... When you are paid, we get paid…

Cloud-Based All In One System

A stand alone system bringing existing practices or start-up clinics to full revenue potential in a minimum of time

Insight combines Net Health's industry proven EMR , Agility, with Insight Templates© and its billing, collection, coding and practice management software to create a groundbreaking, single install, stand alone system that can bring existing practices or new start-up clinics to full revenue potential in a minimum of time and with very manageable initial resource requirements.

Insight is far from your typical Billing and Collection service. We not only include the use of a proven web hosted EMR, but we also -- unlike 90% of all data entry billing services -- employ Certified Professional Coders (CPC) to provide initial
analyses of documents for compliance and possible missing elements. On our watch, charts that would normally be
down-coded or sent to review companies are held in abeyance, and providers are given the opportunity to review our recommendations and make accordant charting amendments to maximize reimbursement. This approach, combined with an
aggressive appeal/dispute system, ensures that “No dollar is left on the table.”

Your Patient Data is Secure!

7 Medical - The leaders in cloud-based technology solutions for healthcare

All of our cloud-based solutions are hosted by 7 Medical in a secure, redundant data center that is Type II SAS 70 certified and HIPAA compliant. That means you benefit from built-in disaster recovery protection while ensuring security and patient privacy.


Type II SAS 70 Certified

7 Medical successfully completed a Type II SAS 70 audit through an independent third party, which validates that 7 Medical has effectively defined its internal controls and is using these controls. This means that customers can rest assured that 7 Medical's solutions and internal systems meet the highest levels of operational and data security standards for handling business systems and transactions and patient data.

HIPPA Compliant

7 Medical successfully passed an independent, third-party audit of its HIPAA privacy and security compliance program and controls, without exception. This means that healthcare clients, such as hospitals, imaging centers, radiology groups and ambulatory clinics can trust 7 Medical to handle their data securely and to protect patients' protected health information (PHI).


Latest News

February 19, 2014

Insight Partners with Net Health to Deliver Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Urgent Care and Occupational Health Clinics.

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Included with System

Web Hosted EMR:

Agility incorporates both the practice and management functions, along with electronic medical records.

State Mandated Forms:

All state-mandated forms are automated eliminating hours of valuable manual time.

Chart Analyzation:

Each chart is reviewed to ensure documentation is completed maximizing reimbursement.


Insight uses only Certified Coders (CPC). We mandate that our coders remain educated and up-to-date on all industry changes.

Electronic Billing:

All private claims are sent via an electronic submission. Work Comp claims are sent via electric (if carriers accept electronic claims).

Appeals and Disputes:Insight's policy is to “leave no dollar on the table.” We understand that most practices' profit margins exist within charges being properly paid

Patient Collections:Collections are handled in-house, using soft collection techniques to ensure that the patient-doctor relationship is never compromised.